Cool bee swarm, and we still have openings

When I arrived on site today, someone pointed out that there was a swarm of honey bees calmly resting on the branch of a tree about ten feet from the ground. I climbed up a step ladder, got as close as I could, and took this photo — it’s a little blurry because I was up a stepladder:


(Click on the photo to see a larger version.) Because the swarm is in the shade, it’s a little hard to see, so I labeled it. You can also see two bees flying home to the queen.

I wish we could keep the bees here, but a preschool shares our site and state regulations do not allow them to have any bees near the little children. So there’s a beekeeper out there right now, vacuuming (yes, vacuuming!) the bees into a box. He will take them some place where they can live happily.

Oh, and we still have room in camp. We’d love to have your child join us this summer!

Published by Dan Harper

Dan Harper is Associate Minister of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto. He is also Camp Director for Ecojustice Camp in Palo Alto.

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