Camps for summer 2018 will be announced soon!

Summer 2017 camps:

Half day camp, 9-1:
June 12-16, 2017, Nature Camp, children completing Young Fives, TK, or gr. K-1 in 2017 Extended care from 8-9. Extended care from 1-5:30 only available on certain days, please ask us.

Depending on availability, we also run camps for grades 2-5 and 6-8.
Click here for 2017 rates and registration

Ecojustice Camp is:

A Fun Community of Campers: Ecojustice Camp fosters important friendships through fun outdoor activities. By being part of a caring community, campers learn to care for Nature and other humans.

A Place To Learn Outdoor Skills: Campers build self-confidence through learning survival skills like outdoor cooking, campcraft, nature observation, etc. Camp activities encourage individual learning, without athletic or social competition.

A Time To Connect with the Natural World: Learning to cook your own meal over an open fire. Exploring the laws of Nature through watching a Snowy Egret catch a fish. Learning how pollution in Adobe Creek impacts San Francisco Bay. Spending the night outdoors, watching the sky slowly grow darker.

Ecojustice Camp is all these and more. We believe humans can have a positive impact on each other, and on the natural world. Ecojustice Camp is a time for campers to feel a part of the interdependent web of all life.


The Ecojustice Camp Outdoors Book, 2016 edition


A Day at Camp:

Opening Circle: All campers meet together for Opening Circle. Campers hear about eco-justice role models. Songs and cheers to build camp community, and get everyone ready and excited for the day ahead. Parents are welcome to stay for opening circle!

Morning Activities: Activities include on-site activities and field trips. A mid-morning snack, provided by the camp, will be served at about 10:30.

Closing circle is a time to relax and slow down before pick up.


Our location:

Our suburban location is convenient, beautiful, and perfect for helping campers understand how humans depend on other humans, and how humans depend on Nature. Our location provides many unique learning opportunities. For example, the campus is planted with native drought-resistant plants, providing opportunities for identification and learning about reducing water usage.

In addition to native plants, our site hosts many other organisms, including invertebrates, mammals, and birds. Solar panels on the buildings, a worm composter, rain barrels, bee houses for native pollinators, rocket stoves that efficiently use biomass for cooking, tire garden demonstrating intensive urban agriculture techniques — there are many resources on campus for eco-justice learning opportunities. Adobe Creek runs on the edge of the campus, inviting field trips along its length to San Francisco Bay to the west, and to the source of the creek in the mountains to the east.

Our location at Charleston Road between Middlefield and Alma, just five minutes from Highway 101, makes for convenient drop-off and pick-up.




August Ramberg-Gomez, junior counselor for campcraft in 2015, coaching a gr. 5 camper in the proper use of a camp axe. In 2017, August hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, so he wasn’t at camp.


Our Sponsor, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto (UUCPA), is a liberal congregation with a strong commitment to environmental justice. UUCPA respects the interdependent web of existence, believes all life is sacred, and works actively for environmental justice.




Summer ecology day camp, Palo Alto, CA

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