Summer 2019 camps:

All camps meet June 10-14, 2019.

Half day camp, 9-1:
Sea Otters, children completing Young Fives, TK, or gr. K-1 in 2019.
Extended care from 8-9. Extended care from 1-5:30 available Monday and Friday (other days possible, please ask us).

Full day camp, 9-3, with overnight on June 13:
Gray Foxes, children completing gr. 2-5.
Extended care from 8-9, and 3-5:30.

Full day camp, 9-3, with overnight on June 13:
Peregrine Falcons, teens completing gr. 6-8.
Extended care from 8-9, and 3-5:30.

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Ecojustice Camp is:
A Fun Community of Campers: Ecojustice Camp fosters important friendships through fun outdoor activities. By being part of a caring community, campers learn to care for Nature and other humans.

A Place To Learn Outdoor Skills: Campers build self-confidence through learning survival skills like outdoor cooking, campcraft, nature observation, etc. Camp activities encourage individual learning, without athletic or social competition.

A Time To Connect with the Natural World: Learning to cook your own meal over an open fire. Exploring the laws of Nature through watching a Snowy Egret catch a fish. Learning how pollution in Adobe Creek impacts San Francisco Bay. Spending the night outdoors, watching the sky slowly grow darker.

Ecojustice Camp is all these and more. We believe humans can have a positive impact on each other, and on the natural world. Ecojustice Camp is a time for campers to feel a part of the interdependent web of all life.

A Week at Camp

Sea Otters engage in fun activities like cooking eggs on a camp stove, finding out about native plants, listening to stories, setting up tents, and more.

Gray Foxes and Peregrine Falcons expand their outdoor skills, including solar cooking, building safe fires, field trips to different ecosystems, and more. The week culminates in an overnight where campers get to use their skills in the outdoors. Peregrine Falcons can take on more challenging activities during the week.

Junior counselors continue to hone their outdoor skills by teaching younger campers. They gain leadership skills while having fun in the outdoors. There is a mandatory safety training, as well as other training opportunities before camp begins.

All ages deepen their knowledge of ecosystems, and learn more how humans can have a positive impact on each other and the web of life.



Summer ecology day camp, Palo Alto, CA

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