What to pack for an overnight

“What To Pack for an Overnight Camping Trip”
from pages 148-149 in The Ecojustice Camp Outdoors Book

Camping gear:
___ Pack or duffel bag
___ Knife, fork, spoon, and/or chopsticks
___ Cup, bowl
___ Water bottle
___ Flashlight or headlamp
___ Rain gear (during rainy season)

Repair kit (OPTIONAL) with:
___ safety pins
___ cord or spare shoelaces
___ rubber bands or some duct tape
___ extra batteries for flashlight

Personal items:
___ Complete change of clothing
    ___ underwear and socks
    ___ shirt and pants
___ Extra pair of socks
___ Pajamas, or t-shirt and shorts to sleep in
___ Toiletries kit with:
    ___ sunscreen
    ___ toothbrush
    ___ comb or hairbrush !toothbrush and toothpaste !soap, washcloth
    ___ facial tissue (“Kleenex”)
    ___ Personal medications

Personal sleep gear:
___ Sleeping bag, or two or three blankets pinned together
___ Pad for sleeping
___ Waterproof ground cloth (ONLY if you want to sleep without a tent)
___ Pillow (or fold up some clothing for a pillow)

Optional gear:
___ Personal first aid kit with a few Band-aids & alcohol prep pads
___ Field notebook, pencil or pen
___ Map and compass
___ Field guides, nature books
___ Binoculars, magnifying glass
___ Insect repellent

a. If you want to bring your own tent to sleep in, go right ahead!
b. It can get quite cool at night, so bring warm clothing.
c. There are generally mosquitoes in the woods, so bring a top with long sleeves, and long pants, and/or insect repellent.

Summer ecology day camp, Palo Alto, CA

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