Birds we see at camp

We’ve been keeping a list of birds we see on our site, and you can see that list here.

Recently I added two birds to the list. First, there was a small flock of Cedar Waxwings flying around an apricot tree. Cedar Waxwings are frugivores, meaning they prefer to eat fruit when they can get it — the apricots aren’t ripe yet, guess they’re eating them anyway. Second, I saw a male Western Bluebird in the hedge along the east side of the site. I was hoping he was one half of a nesting pair, but I haven’t seen a nest (yet).

When you get to camp, we will offer a prize to anyone who can add a bird to the list of birds seen on site. We haven’t been keeping our list for very long, so it shouldn’t be too hard to add a bird to the list. Prize: your own bird field guide!

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