Info for 2018 camp

Hi campers and staff, Ecojustice Camp 2018 starts up on June 11, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all!

Critical information:

1. What to bring:
Everyone should have a water bottle (we plan to use NO bottled water this year).
Everyone should bring sunscreen.
A day pack to carry water, lunch, and sunscreen is really helpful.

2. Lunch and snack:
Camp provides morning snack, those staying all day should bring their own lunch (except camp will provide lunch on Friday for those staying on the Thursday overnight).

3. Overnight:
For those going on the overnight, see the separate post with a packing list.

More information:

A. Again this year, we received a grant to give out field guides to kids:
Older campers (plus junior counselors) will receive a copy of the Audubon Field Guide to California (great book with lots of photos).
Younger campers will receive: On Beyond Bugs, and I Can Name 50 Trees.

B. Field trips for older campers (gr. 2 and up):
Tuesday: Ullstac Open Space Preserve, Santa Clara
Wednesday: Pescadero State Beach
Thursday: Sanborn County Park (where we’re going to camp out)

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