Nature Camp, last day photos

The pace on the last day of Nature Camp is always a little slower, because everyone is a little tired from a week of outdoors activities. We got to spend time in a tent today, and Kris explained to us why you should never bring food into a tent: it’s messy, and it can attract unwanted wildlife like bears and raccoons. The campers were interested to learn about this and other tent lore (and when they are old enough to attend the gr. 2-5 camp, they’ll go on a overnight trip, and use their knowledge about tents).

We had a leisurely snack time….

We finished making the leaf medallions. Yesterday, the campers had found a leaf and pressed it into “Sculpey,” which Kris had baked overnight so that it was hard. Today, the campers applied some green acrylic paint, then wiped it off the high parts so that the color seeped into the depressions left by the veins of the leaves. Lots of fun, and each camper wound up with a cool medallion to wear around their necks!

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