Summer staff

Our summer staff are the heart and soul of Ecojustice Camp. Our summer staff are chosen for their passion for the outdoors, and for their caring interest in children.

Adult staff:

Dan Harper, campcraft counselor, Peregrine Falcons — Dan has been an educator for 25 years, and currently works for the UU Church of Palo Alto. He is a California Certified Naturalist.

Linda Henigin, nature counselor, Gray Foxes — Linda is an elementary school teacher, and loves the natural world.

Lorrain Kostka, nature counselor, Peregrine Falcons — A full-time teacher, Lorraine previously worked with Living Classroom. She has a Ph.D. in biology and is a California Certified naturalist.

Tobi Nielsen, campcraft counselor, Gray Foxes — Tobi teaches middle school in San Jose, and is an avid outdoorswoman and ukulelist.

Amelia Shaw, art counselor, Peregrine Falcons — Amelia is a student at Humboldt State University, and has previously worked at YMCA camps in Silicon Valley.

Carol Steinfeld, general counselor, Gray Foxes — Carol is a writer and author of The Composting Toilet System Book and other books. She volunteers teaching ecojustice to middleschoolers during the school year.

Teen staff:

Estelle Girard, games counselor, Peregrine Falcons — Estelle started as a camper at Ecojustice Camp, and has been a junior counselor for the past 3 years. She brings a variety of skills to camp.

Emma Grant-Bier, arts & crafts counselor, Gray Foxes — Emma is a telented artist who started out as a camper at Ecojustice Camp. She volunteers teaching ecojustice to middleschoolers during the school year.

Emma Kostka, arts & crafts counselor, Peregrine Falcons — A talented artist, Emma has been with Ecojustice Camp since the beginning, first as a camper, and for three years as a junior counselor.

Sarah Kostka, games counselor, Peregrine Falcons — Sarah has been with Ecojustice Camp since its first year, first as camper, now as junior counselor. She volunteers leading children’s programs during the school year.

Abby Porter, game counselor, Gray Foxes — A former camper at Ecojustice Camp, Abby plans to pursue a career in education. She has worked at summer camps and afterschool programs all through high school.