“The Evolution Game” at camp

This game really has nothing to do with Darwin’s theory. It’s called “The Evolution Game” because in the course of the game players can move up from plants, to herbivores, to carnivores, with Mountain Lion as the apex predator. And we do play the game using organisms native to California. But aside from that, it’s just a game!

Sea Otters photos

Camp photos from our youngest group of campers, the Sea Otters….

Above: With Nancy Neff, native plant expert, and older campers, learning about native plants.

Above: One of the daily field trips to Mitchell Park.

Above: In the Sea Otters’ favorite tree.

Above: Looking at a pine cone on Tree Day.

Above: Kris talking to the campers about trees.

Above: Dave and campers looking for insects on Bug Day.

Above: Looking at an insect under a giant magnifying glass.

Above: A process art project.

Above: Pulling the wagon back to camp at the end of a field trip to Mitchell Park.

Above: Doing bark rubbings.

Above: Making “fairy houses.”

Camp photos from the overnight

Above: Getting ready to drive to the overnight. Lots of ukuleles.

Above: Setting up tents.

Above: Relaxing in a hammock.

Above: Time for drawing.

Above: Cooking dinner.

Above: Eating dinner.

Above: On the after dinner hike.

Above: Campfire.

Above: 6 a.m. hike (only 3 of us got up early enough to go).

Above: Cooking breakfast.

Above: Breaking camp. The wolf got to ride down, everyone else had to walk.

Camp photos from Thursday

Above: The Sea Otters (youngest group) learning how to use a solar oven.

Above: The Gray Foxes (middle group) practicing setting up the big tent the morning before the overnight.

Above: Louisa, one of our junior counselors, showed the campers how to make dream catchers.

Camp photos from Tuesday

Photos from the second day of Ecojustice Camp:

Above: Hiking in to Ulistac Natural Area in Santa Clara.

Above: Looking and listening for birds at Ulistac.

Above: Lorraine, our camp plant biologist, talking about native and non-native plants at Ulistac.

Above: Playing the Food Chain Game, a fun way of learning about two ecological concepts: energy flow and bioaccumulation or toxins.

Camp photos from Monday

Learning how to cook eggs on a camp stove. The campers will be cooking for themselves on the overnight (with adult help, of course), and this is practice cooking for breakfast.

Cleaning dishes after cooking eggs.

Nancy Neff, our native plants expert, showing campers some of the many native plants on campus.

Thanks, Emily, for the photos!

Packing list for 2018 overnight

What To Pack for an Overnight Camping Trip for Ecojustice Camp 2018

Camping gear:
___ Pack or duffel bag
___ Knife, fork, spoon, and/or chopsticks
___ Cup, bowl
___ Water bottle
___ Flashlight or headlamp

Repair kit (OPTIONAL) with:
___ safety pins
___ cord or spare shoelaces
___ rubber bands or some duct tape
___ extra batteries for flashlight

Personal items:
___ Complete change of clothing
___ underwear and socks
___ shirt and pants
___ Extra pair of socks
___ Pajamas, or t-shirt and shorts to sleep in
___ Toiletries kit with:
___ sunscreen
___ toothbrush
___ comb or hairbrush !toothbrush and toothpaste !soap, washcloth
___ facial tissue (“Kleenex”)
___ personal medications

Personal sleep gear:
___ Sleeping bag, OR two or three blankets pinned together
___ Pad for sleeping
___ Waterproof ground cloth (ONLY if you want to sleep without a tent)
___ Pillow (or fold up some clothing for a pillow)

Optional gear:
___ Personal first aid kit with a few Band-aids & alcohol prep pads
___ Field notebook, pencil or pen
___ Map and compass
___ Field guides, nature books
___ Binoculars, magnifying glass
___ Insect repellent

— We will have group tents (one for boys, one for girls, as mandated by our fiscal sponsor’s safety policy). If you want to bring your own tent to sleep in, go right ahead, there’s plenty of room at our campsite for lots of tents.
— If you prefer to sleep out under the stars, be sure to bring a waterproof ground cloth to lay your sleeping bag on.

Info for 2018 camp

Hi campers and staff, Ecojustice Camp 2018 starts up on June 11, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all!

Critical information:

1. What to bring:
Everyone should have a water bottle (we plan to use NO bottled water this year).
Everyone should bring sunscreen.
A day pack to carry water, lunch, and sunscreen is really helpful.

2. Lunch and snack:
Camp provides morning snack, those staying all day should bring their own lunch (except camp will provide lunch on Friday for those staying on the Thursday overnight).

3. Overnight:
For those going on the overnight, see the separate post with a packing list.

More information:

A. Again this year, we received a grant to give out field guides to kids:
Older campers (plus junior counselors) will receive a copy of the Audubon Field Guide to California (great book with lots of photos).
Younger campers will receive: On Beyond Bugs, and I Can Name 50 Trees.

B. Field trips for older campers (gr. 2 and up):
Tuesday: Ullstac Open Space Preserve, Santa Clara
Wednesday: Pescadero State Beach
Thursday: Sanborn County Park (where we’re going to camp out)