Day two camp photos

The National Weather Service station at Los Altos recorded 103 degrees today, our second day of triple-digit heat (102 on Monday). Our amazing campers and junior counselors handled the heat well, proving that you can have fun outdoors even in extreme weather conditions.

I got so wrapped up in our activities with the older groups (gr. 2 and up) that I only took two photos, both from our field trip to Ulistac Nature Preserve:

Drawing from nature at Ulistac Nature Preserve
Eating lunch in the shade at the city park across the street from Ulistac

Some of the other adults did take photos of our other activities (looking for macroinvertebrates, learning to use pocket knives, salsa-making workshop, games, etc.), and as soon as they email them to me I’ll post them here.

Fortunately, Kris remembered to take plenty of photos of the Sea Otters:

Digging a hole for insect pitfall traps
Making nature crafts
Making nature crafts
Using natural materials as paint brushes