Sea Otters photos

Camp photos from our youngest group of campers, the Sea Otters….

Above: With Nancy Neff, native plant expert, and older campers, learning about native plants.

Above: One of the daily field trips to Mitchell Park.

Above: In the Sea Otters’ favorite tree.

Above: Looking at a pine cone on Tree Day.

Above: Kris talking to the campers about trees.

Above: Dave and campers looking for insects on Bug Day.

Above: Looking at an insect under a giant magnifying glass.

Above: A process art project.

Above: Pulling the wagon back to camp at the end of a field trip to Mitchell Park.

Above: Doing bark rubbings.

Above: Making “fairy houses.”

Published by Dan Harper

Dan Harper is Associate Minister of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto. He is also Camp Director for Ecojustice Camp in Palo Alto.

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