Gr. 2-5 camp, day five

Here are photos from today’s session of camp:


Above: This morning, after we got back from the overnight, Olivia Nayler gave us a tour of the 4H barn in Cupertino. Olivia was a junior counselor at Ecojustice Camp last year. Olivia raises goats, so of course we spent a lot of time with goats!



Above: Olivia let us feed peanuts to the goats. We also got to see baby goats — which belonged to another 4Her — that had been born just that morning.



Above: Here we all are outside the 4H barn. (Olivia is in the middle, with the red shirt on.)



Above: Toasting hot dogs and tofu dogs over an open fire for lunch.



Above: When they had free time, the campers liked to play camoflauge, which involves hiding behind cover. Here are two campers camoflauging themselves behind some bushes.



Above: Carol, the Ecological Solutions Counselor, leading a discussion of how much of an ecological impact our camp made, and how we might do better next year.



Above: At the end of the last day of camp, we all had ice cream.

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