Nature Camp 2016, day two

Photos from day two of Nature Camp:

Nature Camp Tues 1

Above: Looking at an insect through a giant magnifying lens. The magnifying lens is made by stretching clear plastic wrap over a bucket, then putting enough water on the plastic so that it makes a concave shape. A hole cut in the side of the bucket allows you to put the object you want to look at under the magnifying lens.


Nature Camp Tues 2

Above: Getting to know a friendly tree.


Nature Camp Tues 3

Above: Story time.


Nature Camp Tues 4

Above: We learned about snails today, and here’s a drawing of a snail.


Nature Camp Tues 5

Above: Looking at a snail we found.

Published by Dan Harper

Dan Harper is Associate Minister of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto. He is also Camp Director for Ecojustice Camp in Palo Alto.

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