Gr. 2-5 camp, day one

We had so much fun today, I kept forgetting to take photos. Some of the things I did NOT take photos of:
— playing “Lynxes, Hares, and Plants,” a simulation game that models predator-prey relationships
— harvesting plums from the plum tree on campus
— learning how to use hatchets and bow saws safely
— learning how to use a “rocket stove”
— making our field notebooks
— counting the number of active and inactive bird nests on campus
— singing at opening and closing circle
— and much more.

Here are the activities I DID take photos of:


Above: Baking cookies in a solar oven. I didn’t get a photo of preparing the cookie dough, but here are three C.I.T.s and Carol, the Ecological Solutions Counselor, showing off the finished product. The sun was so hot and bright today, the cookies actually got a little bit too crispy — but they still tasted good.



Above: One step in the process of making plum sorbet.



Above: Clean-up after making plum sorbet is fun when you get to use a super dishwasher.



Above: Claire from Acterra explained to us how watersheds worked. Then we walked over to look at Adobe Creek, which flows in a concrete channel by campus. We found several drainage pipes that appear to drain directly from parking lots into Adobe Creek, and Claire told us why that is not ideal.

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