Middle school camp, last day


Above: Prepping fabric for natural dye tie-dye shirts.



Above: Stoking the fire in the rocket stove, cooking the natural dye for tie-dying.



Above: Eric demonstrating glass blowing. Glass is made from natural materials, and is easily recyclable.



Above: A finished product.



Above: A completed tie-dye made with natural dyes.


Above: Campers and counselors at closing sing, singing “Energy from the Sun,” one of our camp songs.

Words: copyright (c) 2016 Dan Harper
Melody: Traditional

1. Energy from the Sun flows through us all,
Every form of life, both big and small.

2. Light, plus 2 H2O, plus CO2
Makes C6H12O6, plus O2.

3. Plants take water, plus carbon dioxide
And they make oxygen, and food besides.

4. We’re all part of the web of life on Earth,
We’re connected to all things from our birth.

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