Middle school camp, day four

Photos from Thursday:


Above: field trip to Baylands Nature Preserve. Adobe Creek, which runs past the campus where we have camp, flows into San Francisco Bay near where this photos was taken; in the background, you can see Black Mountain, where Adobe Creek originates. So you can see the beginning and the end of the Adobe Creek watershed from where we were standing.



Above: We hiked out about a mile and a quarter along the dike to see the California Gull nesting colony. There were thousands of gulls, and lots of babies. Some of the babies had grown feathers, and were trying to learn how to fly.



Above: Learning how to build a fire (safely) with Eric.



Above: Learning how to use a 2-person bow saw with Dave.



Above: Nachi demonstrates to us how different bird bills are more effective picking up different kinds of food.



Above: Learning how to set up tents. The campers split into teams of three. One person on each team was blindfolded, and the other two had to talk them through setting up a tent — this simulates what it’s like if you have to set up a tent in the dark when you’re tired and hungry. We learned that it is a good idea to learn how to set up your tent BEFORE you go camping.

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