Middle school camp, day one photos


Above: One camper’s field notes on arthropods. Arthropod expert Jack Owicki visited camp this morning. We looked at spider webs, investigated what fell into our insect pitfall traps, and learned where to find cool arthropods.



Above: During afternoon choice activities, some of the campers made a teepee. This is NOT a traditional Plains Indian teepee! We borrowed structural bamboo from architect Darrel DeBoer; Darrel designs buildings using natural materials including bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable building material that is strong and can be grown locally.



Above: Native plants expert Nancy Neff came and showed us the native California plants on campus. Here are some of the campers making notes on the survival strategies of drought-resistant plants.



Above: And here’s Nancy talking to some of the campers.



Above: Eric and Nachi leading songs at closing circle. Program Director Mike Abraham is in the red hat.

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