Starting to look for staff

We’re starting to talk with staff for camp this year. I’m in conversation with a Ph.D. candidate in biology at a nearby university who has offered to lead one of our field trips, and I’m talking with someone from a local 4H Club to talk with us about farm animals. We looking for other volunteers who can come in for half a day (or come on a field trip) to share specific expertise in campcraft or nature.

We are beginning to look for adult staff who like working with children and teens in the areas of nature, campcraft, and music. This is a volunteer position, though we offer a week of free tuition for one of your children for each week you work at camp.

We’re actively looking for high-school aged teens (completing grades 9-12 in spring, 2016) to serve as junior counselors for either or both the middle school and the grade school camp weeks. This is a volunteer position, and will count for community service hours at most schools. Teens who wish to work the extended care hours can also earn $15 per hour worked.

If you’re interested in serving as staff at EcoJustice Camp, please contact me, Dan Harper, at 650-494-0541 x28 — or danharper AT

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