New edition of our Outdoors Book

The new edition of the Ecojustice Camp Outdoors Book has now been published. With 158 pages, it’s 50% bigger than last year’s book! And every camper in gr. 2-8 receives a free copy when they register for our summer day camps in Palo Alto.

The Ecojustice Camp Outdoors Book, 2016 edition

1. Ecojustice
2. Stay Safe in the Outdoors
3. Ecojustice Elders
4. Adobe Creek
5. Humans and Other Beings Living Together
6. Stealth
7. Tracking Animals
8. Mini-Beasts
9. How To Keep a Field Notebook
10. Five Trees To Know
11. Knots
12. Woods Tools
13. Hiking
14. Outdoor Cooking
15. Camping

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