Monday camp photos

Here are some photos from the first day of EcoJustice Camp:


Meghan and Kyndall learning how to use a bow saw. Mike is holding the log on the sawbuck.



Shriya and Dan using the big two-person crosscut saw. Mike is still holding the log.



sarah, Emma, Arissa, Lucas, Meghan, and Kyndall showing perfectly ripe plums that were grown at camp. As you can see, some of the campers were also eating orange slices.



August demonstrating proper safety and use of a camp axe for splitting kindling wood. From l-r: August, Lucas, Shriya, Arissa, John, Justin, Emma, Sarah (standing), Liam.



Nachi, Kyndall, and Emma making field notebooks. Several of the campers have already begun recording observations in their field notebooks.

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